[em]The Village Voice[/em] Dives to the Bottom of the Real Estate Barrel

The Voice‘s classy cover

Today is a much-celebrated (and feared) day in the annals of Manhattan real estate, for The Village Voice has released its glorious “10 Worst Landlords” list.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development clocks in at Number One, earning flowery prose like “decaying carcass,” “decrepit stairways,” “overgrown with mold,” “chemical trap” and “belches smoke”–that’s just the first three paragraphs.

The full list–plus something extra for Jack Newfield fans–is after the jump.

1. HUD (“The No. 1 worst in the United States”)
2. Olufemi Falade (“When it rains, it rains inside the house”)
3. David Melendez (“A tenant… cannot forget the time his kitchen floor went out from under his mother”)
4. Abdur Rahman Farrakhan (“Owes over $10 million in unpaid taxes”)
5. Jacob Selechnik (“15,260 housing-code violations on 110 properties”)
6. Mark Hersh (“Dubbed the “West Side Batman” for using a bat to intimidate tenants”)
7. Steven Kessner (He says: “I will, under no circumstances, repair any overcrowded apartments”)
8. John Kosman (“HPD fined Kosman $103,500 for lack of hot water in the building for 118 days straight”)
9. Fitos Neophytou (“‘We were greeted by blood in the elevator one morning'”)
10. Margaret Streicker Porres (A murderer–almost)

The Voice gets several media bonus points for beginning this cover story with a dedication to legendary editor Jack Newfield–and for quoting Newfield (twice), and pointing out that the piece was “written by students from his alma mater,” and that it was edited by The Jack Newfield Visiting Professor of Journalism at Hunter College, that Jack Newfield began the “10 Worst Landlords” series way back in the ’60s, and that it remains “a Voice institution.” Indeed.

Max Abelson [em]The Village Voice[/em] Dives to the Bottom of the Real Estate Barrel