Extreme Decision Making

FRANCESCA: I’ve recently realized that each wedding decision involves a superlative:

“You must get the BEST photographer!”

“You must register for the MOST beautiful silverware, you’re going to have it forever!”

“Pick the LOVELIEST wedding spot, you only do it once.”

Superlative decisions take much longer, are more subtly complicated and inevitably cost much more money. They’re also emotionally draining. Hence, my procrastination and reluctance in wedding planning.

Generally speaking, I prefer to delay big decisions till the last minute (i.e. I’m getting married at what some would consider a tardy 33 years old.) Sometimes I try to avoid making decisions all together (I wanted to elope.)

So, for those of you who want to know where I’m registered, what the ceremony will be like and how the wedding planning is going – please, give me the gift of wiggle room. I’d rather clean my toilet than make up my mind. Extreme Decision Making