Gianaris: It’s Not Over

Based on this morning’s news, you might think that after a brief, dark scare in Staten Island, the city’s power grid is back to normal.

But just as we were preparing to start talking about this week’s blackouts in the past tense, Mike Gianaris tells us that there are still “isolated pockets” of powerlessness in the western reaches of Queens.

This morning he is set to visit blacked-out butcher shops and fishmongers on 30th avenue who are still struggling to refrigerate their stores.

“A lot of the businesses are literally in danger of going out of business,” said Gianaris, who added that all the areas exposed wires and shredded concrete gave it the look of a “war zone.”

Next week Gianaris, and Councilmembers Eric Gioia and Peter Vallone Jr will announce a proposal calling on Con Ed to refund more than the $350 they have promised to affected residents. In addition, the lawmakers want three months of free electricity for everyone in the affected area.

Meanwhile, there is concern throughout the borough that the mini-heat wave expected in the coming days might wreak havoc on Con Ed’s jury-rigged wiring.

The mayor’s aides, we’re guessing, are glued to the weather channel.

– Jason Horowitz

Gianaris: It’s Not Over