Google Goes Green In NYC (and Stays Green)

Mary Jane in NY? No, it’s Google.

It’s been a month since the launch of Google’s “Summer of Green,” a project with Earth Day Network that provides environmentally focused map guides–plus videos that begin with a drummer wearing green clothing. Manhattanites finally have their chance to learn about new-wave rental cars and haute green cafes at the New York site.

“The concept started with the summer,” said Google spokesperson Megan Quinn, “but we’re open to pushing it through the fall and winter.”

There are thousands of user-made Google mash-ups–which use Google Maps’ open code to create guides to celebrity stalking, man-friendly baby dressing rooms, etc–though “Green” is the first official project.

Will the New York site grow beyond tours of Central Park and an “eco-luxury private car service”?

“The content is delivered by Earth Day Network,” Ms. Quinn explained. “We don’t consider ourselves experts in what is green and who is green.” But as EDN finds more environmentally friendly places in NY, “we’d like to add them, and make the site a more-comprehensive mash-up.”

Earth Day spokesperson Laurie Howell wouldn’t mind: “The opportunities in New York are tremendous… The possibilities are infinite.”

Max Abelson

Google Goes Green In NYC (and Stays Green)