“He Can Just Bite Me”


In the spirit of the “Burkey, you’re doing a heckuva job,” jokes flying around after the mayor’s “thanks” to Con Ed, we bring you some recent comments from the original Burkey, former FEMA head Michael Brown, who is interviewed in August’s Playboy magazine. (We read it for the articles.)

Here is Brown on Bush’s infamous “heckuva job” comment:

“That didn’t mean anything to me. It’s typical of the president. He’s a cheerleader. You know what that comment did? How many people in the world do you think have ever called me Brownie? His name’s George W. Bush.”

And here he is on Mississippi Congressman Gene Taylor, who once said that Brown lacked the ability to handle Katrina:

“He can just bite me.”

–Jason Horowitz

“He Can Just Bite Me”