Hermès Hit By Explosion Rubble; Madison Ave. Suffers

Artist’s rendering of the once-happy ‘hood (Hermès)

Long stretches of swank Park and swankier Madison Avenue remain closed this afternoon as emergency crews work on the remains of 34 East 62nd Street.

At 62nd and Madison, the ladies of Christofle sat in their empty store. They claimed to be the only nearby business open, though considering the day’s prospects they “just may leave anyway.”

On the other side of 62nd, Francoise of Luca Luca asked why the explosion had to claim a pretty brownstone. She watched the smoky remains down the block and explained: “The owner had a big fight with his wife, and wanted to die. So he used the gas. And after the explosion, when he fell to the basement from the top floor, he used his mobile and called for help. Quite a story!”

“Trouble makers, women,” offered her coworker Ray.

The flagship Hermès building–also on Madison and 62nd–stood empty and bolted. Chunks of glass and debris spilled from the destroyed brownstone onto the store’s curb.

Beside a Hermès window caked with dust, an emergency worker considered the surroundings: “There are psychos everywhere.”

Max Abelson

Hermès Hit By Explosion Rubble; Madison Ave. Suffers