Home Run, Stay the Course, Etc.

We thought it might be funny to talk to Judy Jacobs about the debate tonight. She is, as most of you know, the Nassau legislature’s presiding officer and, for those of you who forgot, an early Suozzi supporter who switched a few weeks ago to Spitzer.

We couldn’t see her when she answered our question about how the debate might impact the 70-point gap between the candidates, but we’re pretty sure she was rolling her eyes.

“When you have 78 percent approval to ten percent, whatever he is doing, it is obviously working,” she said, patiently. “It is really more Suozzi who has to hit the home run to start moving up in the polls. Spitzer – people know who he is. He should just stay the course.”

Hey, we tried.

– Jason Horowitz

Home Run, Stay the Course, Etc.