I Dream of an Evil Shoe Chamber

FRANCESCA: A few weeks ago I woke up in a sweat. In my dream, two friends who are not invited to the wedding host an elaborate bridal shower for me. In real life, I feel guilty about not inviting them and the sentiment is stronger in the dream. There we are at this bridal shower and I’m trying to figure out how to break the news.

Then last night, I had another dream. There I was on W-day at the W-site, and I realized I had forgotten to buy shoes to go with my dress. Then, amazingly, someone told me of a secret room where there were a dozen pairs of shoes I could use. I flung open the door to the special shoe chamber and beheld…a dozen pairs of white Birkenstocks and Payless plastic white patent.

Then, somehow the shoe thing was resolved and the site manager told me the ceiling in the reception room was leaking and unusable. But then he said I could pay someone to paint the ceiling with special lacquer to keep the ceiling from falling in.

Out, out damn wedding! Stay out of my dreams! You’ve already taken over my life! I Dream of an Evil Shoe Chamber