Jack Douglass Silane

April 8, 2006

10:12 a.m.

7 pounds, 10 ounces

St. Luke’s Birth Center

Beach baby! The Silane family recently brought their round-faced, brown-haired newborn boy along on a much-needed vacation to the Dominican Republic. “He loved it,” said mom Jane Silane, 40, a doula. “I was just sure to keep him in the shade all the time.” She’s also busy protecting little Jack from his older sister Carter, 4, who loves bathing and playing with him so much that sometimes “he gets a little manhandled.” Dad is John Silane, 51, director of sales for a large financial company. Ms. Silane used to live in Hell’s Kitchen, but the couple, married a decade, now occupies a three-bedroom house in River Edge (that’s in— gulp—Joisey).“I miss being able to walk out your door to, well, everything,” Ms. Silane said, “but I like being able to garden.”

Jack Douglass Silane