More on the Lieberman Effect

More on the political stakes in the Joe Lieberman race: Eve Kessler writes in the Forward about nervousness that “thousands of hawkish Jewish Democrats who see the Connecticut lawmaker as their standard-bearer will either abandon the party or sit out the November election.”

She quotes Lieberman ally and Democratic fundraiser Michael Granoff blaming bloggers for an impending political mess: “What the blogger community is doing in Connecticut is going to hurt the party — that’s axiomatic. If the message is, ‘There’s no room for Joe Lieberman in the Democratic Party,’ that means a whole lot of people are not welcome there. People are disgusted.”

And she casts David Brooks in the token role of conservative-rubbing-hands-over-Jewish-exodus.

Of course, it’s worth noting that the much-discussed notion of masses of security-minded Jewish voters defecting to the GOP after 9/11 never really materialized.

Just to put Lieberman’s treatment by some grumpy bloggers in perpective.

— Josh Benson More on the Lieberman Effect