Must Hate Blogs

Joe Lieberman will be in town on July 22 for an evening fund-raiser sponsored by the pro-Israel political action committee NORPAC. The invite to the event, which will be held at a private home of New York chemicals magnate Jack Bendheimin in Riverdale, emphasized Lieberman’s commitment “to the strongest relationship” on the issue of US-Israel relations.

As for the the challenge he is facing from Ned Lamont and liberal bloggers, here is what the invite has to say.

Senator Lieberman has always been a centrist Democrat. Like other centrists around the country, he is very popular in his state among the general public. But he has been targeted by the national movement and is in the race for his political life in the August Democratic Primary, where the extremes of the parties tend to dominate.

Doesn’t sound like the netroots will be welcome.

–Jason Horowitz Must Hate Blogs