My (Docile) Generation

Keith Moon.

When the late Keith Moon wasn’t jokingly parading around in Hitler regalia, he could probably be found trashing one of the many hotels The Who stayed at. This weekend, The Times “Travel” section takes a look at the hard-living Moon–who “once nailed his room furniture to the ceiling”–along with members of Led Zeppelin, The Faces and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

So what are younger rock bands up to these days? Well, they’re not exactly riding motorcycles through the Chateau Marmont.

When the Canadian band Metric opened for the Rolling Stones at Madison Square Garden earlier this year they stayed not at the Chelsea, but at the Hotel on Rivington, a sleek tower of glass on the Lower East Side, where rooms are $400 a night.

And touring with the Rolling Stones (of all bands) must have led to some wild nights. Or not.

The modern rock star appears to be more docile than his television-hurling predecessors. According to Mr. Mesh, the tour manager, the most asked-for hotel features are high-speed Internet and a workout room. “Fifteen years ago, having a hotel bar was very important,” he said. “But it’s changed. Fifteen years ago everybody was partying.”

And for Southland, a rock band from L.A., partying comes with life on the road. But so does trying to get a bargain.

“Our new move is,” said Jed Whedon, the band’s singer. “We can stay in four-star hotels and we get really cheap deals.”

Things they do look awful cold.

Michael Calderone My (Docile) Generation