Not Particularly Healthy

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And on the subject of Republican leadership…

Manhattan GOP Chair and medieval cartography expert James Ortenzio – an early Bill Weld supporter – wants to know why John Faso isn’t getting more help from the county leaders who claim to be in his camp.

“They’re the ones who said last September that a primary would vitiate our resources,” he said, referring to the Faso supporters. “That presupposes that there are resources. Let’s see them.”

As evidence that Faso isn’t getting a level of backing befitting a party nominee, Ortenzio said, “I don’t think his filing was particularly healthy. I don’t hear of too many events coming up in the future. I don’t hear too many statements of support – and he has some major counties supporting him. So what are the Republicans doing for John Faso?”


— Josh Benson Not Particularly Healthy