On Giuliani’s Abortion Problem

Here’s a noteworthy piece of analysis from an anonymous-but-well-informed Rudy Giuliani supporter about the former mayor and abortion, an issue often cited by conservatives as an insurmountable flaw in his presidential scenario.

Citing Giuliani’s pragmatic decision before the 1989 mayoral bid to become a pro-choice candidate, RudyBlogger suggests — approvingly, from the looks of it — that his position may evolve in time for the 2008 Republican primary.

“At first blush, this doesn’t appear to be all that comforting a sequence of events for social conservatives. But step back, and the clear pattern is one of Rudy doing what needed to be done to get elected in New York City, where the Republican Party is about as popular as tuberculosis.

Anti-Rudyites have mused that Rudy is not just pro-choice, but pro-abortion. Not true. This passage can give us at least some comfort that Rudy is no pro-choice zealot and will eagerly go to the mat for his constituents, in this case Republican primary voters.

Having flipped once, it might seem to calculating of him to flip again. But Rudy is a guy with his hears to the ground, and as the lone candidate with experience in the judicial system, is probably well aware of the safety net social conservatives are offering him on strict constructionist judges.”


— Josh Benson On Giuliani’s Abortion Problem