Passion and Pragmatism

In a pro-Israel rally yesterday outside the Permanent Mission of Syria to the U.N., Observer contributor John Koblin reports, Anthony Weiner and Eliot Engel both singled out Syria for enabling Hezbollah’s recent missile attacks.

Weiner began his speech to the crowd of more than 100 demonstrators by citing a Damascus connection to the missiles that struck Israel over the weekend, while Engel urged the international community to “isolate Syria.”

Rabbi Avi Weiss, who organized the event, explained that the choice of Syrian Mission as the day’s venue mostly came down to simple logistics: he had actually wanted to stage the event outside the Iranian consulate, but it was too far from the Israeli Permanent Mission, where the rally ended.

A much larger demonstration in support of Israel is scheduled today for 12:00 outside the U.N.

— Josh Benson

Passion and Pragmatism