Pirro Still Hates Pedophiles

Jeanine Pirro talks a lot, and we mean a lot, about all the sex offenders and pedophiles she locked up in her days as Westchester District Attorney. In some regards, the perfect record of the sting operation she set up to catch and convict those offenders are the lynchpin of her entire campaign.

So the successful appeal of Jeffrey Kozlow, who was convicted in 2005 of sending explicit material to a minor after being caught in one such Internet sex sting, amounts to a slight blow to Pirro.

She is not happy about it.

“I find this decision outrageous and frightening,” Pirro said in a statement, adding “Make no mistake about it, this decision sets a dangerous precedent for the safety of our children,

The Appellate Division in Brooklyn ruled that the material Kozlow sent wasn’t explicit because it didn’t contain any pictures.

“I’ve read the Internet messages in these cases,” the statement said. “They’re as graphic as any picture. I look forward to the Court of Appeals reviewing this case and reversing the Appellate Division.”

“The predators we’ve caught through our Internet sting operation are cunning and devious. But they’re not stupid. What this court has done is draw a roadmap for them on how to troll for our children without getting nabbed by the police before they find one.”

It’s hard to see any of her potential challengers disagreeing with her on that.

–Jason Horowitz

Pirro Still Hates Pedophiles