Real Estate Reporter Relocates Within [em]Times[/em]

In September, New York Times “Big Deal” columnist William Neuman will be moving out of the real estate desk to report on transportation for the newspaper.

For the past two-and-a-half years, Neuman has written the weekly column, which follows the home buying proclivities of pampered movie stars and wealthy socialites.

“I’m a news guy,” he told the Media Mob. “I now get to do a daily beat.”

Before joining the Times, Neuman covered the federal courts and the rebuilding of Lower Manhattan for the New York Post.

Times rumor has reporter Josh Barbanel, who also covers real estate, taking over the “Big Deal” column after Neuman’s departure. “It’s not definite,” Mr. Barbanel said.

-Michael Calderone Real Estate Reporter Relocates Within [em]Times[/em]