Red Hook Accident Victim Dies

According to the NYPD, the woman who was struck by a van last Thursday, July 6, in Red Hook, has died. Police identified her as Janet Ramos, of Sunset Park.

Area residents have complained about increased traffic since the opening of the nearby Fairway grocery store in May. Witnesses said the van that struck Ramos came from the Fairway parking lot. The D.O.T. has not conducted a study of traffic in the neighborhood yet; it plans on conducting a study in the fall.

StreetsBlog has a damning post calling out the D.O.T. on its complacency regarding traffic, traffic studies and the resulting carnage on city streets.

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Update: The medical examiner’s office just got back to us with Ramos’ cause of death: blunt compact injuries of the head.

-Matthew Grace Red Hook Accident Victim Dies