Sagacious Lieberman Cites Rabbi Hillel

Joe Lieberman thinks Jewishly; note his lovely comment to Jason Horowitz re his support for Israel as an underlying issue in the Dem. primary—

Mr. Lieberman paused, stepped toward the blue sedan that would speed him to a meeting outside of Hartford and said, “That’s too big a question to answer on one foot. We should come back to answer that one.”

Lieberman was referring to the famous episode involving Rabbi Hillel, where he and another rabbi were challenged by an unbeliever to tell him all the teachings of the Torah while standing on one foot. The other rabbi threatened to chase the man away, but Hillel accepted the challenge:

“What is hateful to you, do not do unto others. That is the meaning of Torah. All the rest is commentary.”

Good to think about these days… Sagacious Lieberman Cites Rabbi Hillel