Searching for the Harlem “Dorms”

‘Housemother’ extraordinaire (NYT)

Janny Scott’s Times story on utopian Harlem “dorms” doesn’t get around to providing any addresses–though that hasn’t stopped the piece from soaring up the charts to #1 Most E-Mailed.

We called colorful landlady/housemother Karen Falcon (pictured) to help solve the Internet-wide panic over the missing address.

Ms. Falcon said that she owns and rents out a two-family brownstone at Broadway and the 150s. She also “does the rentals” for a friend’s two buildings in the same neighborhood: another two-family brownstone, plus “a large building with 60 apartments,” surely what the Times called the “dorm in Harlem for young professionals.”

No names or precise locations were provided, though eager fans of dorm-like housing should also know that The Times identifies Ms. Falcon’s neighborhood as “from 145th to 155th.” Ergo: Broadway and 150-155th Street.

Why the lack of precision? “I just don’t need the publicity,” she answered. “If I place an ad”–on Craigslist, of course–“I get 20 people calling me. Now I advertise on Saturday night at 8 o’clock so fewer people call.”

Is it Ms. Falcon’s personality that attracts buyers? “No, honestly I think there are so many people moving to New York right now. Have you noticed?”

Sure, we have.

Bonus: More from Janny Scott, and more from Karen Falcon!

Max Abelson, with Jonathan Liu Searching for the Harlem “Dorms”