“Sending Some Sort of Message”

Another reminder that it’s not just the New York press corps viewing every move by the Clintons through a 2008 prism.

A story in today’s Des Moines Register about a schduled visit by Bill Clinton to an Iowa party event in mid-October carries a “fuels talk about the presidential ambitions of his wife” subhed.

From the article:

Some Democratic activists wonder whether the former president’s trip – his second to Iowa this year – is a sign that the New York senator is considering joining the presidential race. Others say it’s merely a triumph for party organizers to bring in a Democratic icon who will fire up activists and raise a lot of money.

“It’s hard to imagine that President Clinton isn’t sending some sort of message to Iowa voters by coming here,” said Ron Parker, a longtime Democratic strategist.

Via JustHillary.

— Josh Benson “Sending Some Sort of Message”