Tasini Unbound: “Better Than Suozzi”

Candidate, lady and sign

Jonathan Tasini can hardly contain himself.

On the same day a Quinnipiac University poll showed anti-war (and yes, other stuff) candidate Ned Lamont leading Joe Lieberman 51-47, a Marist poll had Tasini narrowing the gap in his primary with Hillary Clinton to a mere 70 points.

“Somebody handed me the poll, I looked and I said, ‘what!?'”

“We’re doing better than Suozzi is doing! I was amazed. We are doing almost double of what we thought. I’m a happy camper.”

Comparing his progress with the success of the Lamont campaign, Tasini noted that his Connecticut counterpart has received much more media attention from both the local and national press — and that he’s backed by a lot more money.

“With all due respect to Ned Lamont, he is a multi-millionaire, if I was a multi millionaire I would be pollling in the 30’s or 40’s.”

For the record, Tasini said that he backs Lamont even though “he has not reciprocated.”

–Jason Horowitz Tasini Unbound: “Better Than Suozzi”