The Comma in Font Option B16 Is Disgusting!

KRISTINA: I dream in fonts. Block, script, lowercase, uppercase.

Last night came a horrible realization. I don’t like the comma in font option B16. I’d rather have no comma at all than that heinous comma.

Maybe our names need to be in a different font than the rest of the invitation text. Is that too bold a statement?

My fiancé, Dave, likes absolutely everything I show him. He’s perfected the deer in the headlights look along with the “Yeah! That’s really pretty!” response. I could show him a fill-in invitation that comes in a pack of 10 from Hallmark and he’d say, “Cool, sweetie, that looks awesome!”

I’m using one of those design-your-own-invitations websites where you have your choice of paper, type, layout, etc. All these choices are turning me into an obsessive maniac, leading me to do repeated “dry runs” of the invitation ordering. This on-the-edge-of-your-seat-procedure goes like this. I put together all the pieces of the invitation suite online, add them to my “tote,” check them, recheck them, and then…finally leave that version to rot in my tote. The next day I repeat the torturous process.

The Comma in Font Option B16 Is Disgusting!