Tuesday: Kids Rule!

Rule of the Infanta.

  • Don’t look now, but it’s another New York magazine feature on kids and parents. This week, we learn about the irresistible lure of child-centric co-op marketing: at 10 West End Avenue, there’s a version of the Children’s Museum ‘s Playworks exhibit; at 170 East End Avenue, Peter Marino has designing 6,000-plus square feet of “amenities… for kids up to age 16”; you can find “nanny concierge” at Brooklyn’s Court Street Lofts. (Goodbye, Brooklyn, we hardly knew thee.) (New York)
  • So far this year, five companies have leased 100,000-square-foot spaces. Before November, nine others “are expected to sign leases of the same size.” That somehow leaves only five midtown spaces of 100,000 square feet–and only six above 200,000 in the entire city. Where’s Philip Johnson when you need him? (Crain’s)
  • But can big offices be defended? Empire State Building guards are trying to organize–their enemies have hired Howard Rubenstein, while the poor guards are being defended in the press by a Rabbi named Michael Feinberg. Does this mean we can’t make out up there anymore? (City Limits)
  • Hookers! Fires! Lawsuits! Warped staircases! Falling ceilings! Apartment (and hotel) owner Moses Fried increasingly looks like he deserved a place atop that lousy landlord list. But: “he’s not a bad guy.” (NY Daily News)
  • Daily excuse to memorialize Dylan Thomas’ heroic consumption of whiskey: The Hotel Chelsea’s very own Capitol Fishing Trade, “the only bait and tackle shop in Manhattan,” is moving to West 36th Street. Maybe the Garment District is really heating up after all? (New York Times)
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