Von Furstenberg Flagship: $2.75 M. Less

Inside Diane and Barry’s home.

The two West Village townhouses that had served as the flagship boutique and residence of Diane von Furstenberg can now be had for $22.5 million, according to the Wall Street Journal.

That’s $2.75 million less than they were being offered last January, as reported in The Observer. Also, the listing has changed hands too: It’s now being offered by Peter McCuen, of Peter McCuen & Associates, rather than Brown Harris Stevens.

Of course, Ms. Von Furstenberg hasn’t owned the properties since October 2004, when she sold them for $21 million to Coalco International, which is run by Vassily Anisimov (father of tabloid-mainstay, Anna). However, the West Village downzoning thwarted Coalco’s plans to develop the site.

Michael Calderone

Von Furstenberg Flagship: $2.75 M. Less