Wednesday: America Gets Older and NYC Gets ‘Hondos’

  • The Post gets a scorchingly hot scoop on the Post‘s very own headquarters in Rockefeller Center West. Boston’s Beacon Capital will pay $1.5 billion for the building at 1211 Sixth Ave., which will merely amount to “the second-largest single asset sale in the world.” (New York Post)
  • All we wanted for Independence Day was some good Freedom Tower news. Instead, construction workers refused to show up for work this week, on account of the labor dispute among heavy equipment operators–plus, of course, the Teamsters and a group of highly demanding underground workers nicknamed “sandhogs.” (NY1)
  • Finally, Manhattan’s luxury real estate buyers are catching on to the wonderful trend of hotel-condos (the hot “real estate product.”) Donald Trump says his new Spring Street hondo will be the tallest building in Soho, while Dallas’ Lincoln Property has announced its own at 12-18 West 55th–next door to the St. Regis, which itself is offering 24 condos on two floors for $1.7-7.3 million. (The Real Deal)
  • Meanwhile, regular builders are leaving behind condominiums–the long-time “darling of the development community,” according to Crain’s, at its most poetic–and beginning to “court” the rental market. Real estate can be so romantic. (Crain’s premium)
  • Or is the romance gone? Four unbearably beautiful Beaux-Arts town houses on West 56th may be demolished to make room for a 16-story apartment complex. The buildings haven’t been designated as landmarks–even though, for example, 33 West 56th is the former speakeasy immortalized by “Night After Night” (in which Mae West makes her big screen debut by introducing herself to the doorman as “the fairy princess, ya mug.”) (The New York Times)
  • Max Abelson

    Wednesday: America Gets Older and  NYC Gets ‘Hondos’