We’ve Reached Code Red, High Alert Status

ERICA: I think it’s safe to say that our invitation situation has reached a code red, high alert level. We went to Kate’s Paperie this weekend, looked at every album they had and hated it all. I then proceeded to spend $158 on other un-needed stationery, which served to incite Greg’s ire further regarding the whole situation.

I feel like I’ve been to every website online and looked through every magazine I can find, and I just don’t like anything. EXCEPT, of course, the one invitation from Cat Seto that I love and Greg hates. In fact, thus far anytime I see something that I kinda, sorta like a little bit, Greg hates it. Anytime he sees something that is maybe, possibly, potentially likable, I want to throw up all over it.

I’m ready to do my own entry on wikipedia on the concept of “opposites attract.”

It’s practically July and these suckers need to go out in August. At this point, I have no earthly clue what to do. We’ve Reached Code Red, High Alert Status