The Best-Ever Explanation of the Zidane Head-Butt

Let’s start by admitting that we couldn’t bother getting all that excited about the World Cup, despite the unprecedented hype this year. (We’re Americans; we can’t help it.)

Except, that is, for the “The Incident” — French soccer captain Zinedine Zidane’s notorious headbutt of Italian player Marco Materazzi in the 110th minute of the final match.

Debating the headbutt has become an ongoing international obsession, but the American media’s attempts at explaining the larger meaning of the altercation have mostly missed the point.

Which is why we’re pleased to point you to the very funny animated images of the headbutt in not-so-instant replays “as seen by the Germans,” “as seen by the French,” “as seen by the Italians,” “as seen by the Americans,” etc. Assembled by an obscure British tech publication, The Register, these game-clip remixes will allow you, in mere seconds, to finally achieve conversational equality with soccer fans everywhere. Vive les stéréotypes.

“>VIEW the animations

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