A Yassky Supporter in Brownsville

Lisa Kenner, a Democratic district leader, community activist and David Yassky supporter, may not be the best-known surrogate involbved in the 11th Congressional District race. But she’s turning out to be one of the most outspoken.

Saturday afternoon at the Tabernacle Baptist Church in Brownsville, Kenner hosted a debate for the candidates in the 11th district race, and to her dismay, Yvette Clarke did not make an appearance. Kenner was not pleased, and vocally criticized Clarke at the forum.

“I don’t know why she didn’t come,” she said in an interview afterwards. “She was invited like everyone else. I would like for her to have come. You know, if you want to represent the people you are supposed to come, regardless of what people.”

Kenner denied she was doing Yassky’s bidding, and offered the following unprompted explanation of why she was supporting him:

“He did not pay me, and I didn’t ask for no money. I want the people to know this. I am tired and I know a lot of other people out here in Brownsville – well I cover the whole 55th, but part of it is the 11th congressional – we’re tired of being denied certain things from education, from healthcare, or anything. We have been denied for so long, we ain’t going to be denied no more. So the next person who goes to Congress, they are going to be held accountable.”

—Nicole Brydson

A Yassky Supporter in Brownsville