AG Observations

Andrew Cuomo stayed above the fray and towards the end, came off more relaxed than in previous appearances. Which is good, since he said he’ll likely decline future debate invitations and instead, campaign at smaller forums across the state from now on.

Charlie King got more emotional than ever talking about his father’s death from cancer. He even seemed to bury the hatchet with Cuomo, joking about his hairline and shaking hands with him before the debate ended.

Sean Maloney, who said Democrats have to talk about their passion and their belief, said he would defend every state law, despite his personal passion and beliefs. But he did have some great on-liners about literally, being between Cuomo and Mark Green.

Green seemed to say anything and everything to provoke Andrew Cuomo into an outburst. Towards the end, he seemed to have one himself when responding to a comment by Maloney.

Your observations?

Azi Paybarah AG Observations