At Lieberman’s Polling Place

Jason Horowitz just called in with some comments from a couple of randomly sampled voters at Joe Lieberman’s polling place in New Haven this morning:

Elizabeth Turner, an 81-year-old retired art professor who voted for Ned Lamont: “I like the idea of a choice and new energy. I have voted in lots of primaries. I’ve always voted democrat down the line. This time, I got to be selective and I liked it… This time, it was the war issue that eliminated Lieberman. I think that if he loses by a big blast, he will be in big trouble.”

Marjorie Rosenthal, a 39-year-old pediatrician who voted for Joe Lieberman: “I think he’s wrong about the war, but I think there are more issues than just that.” She said she liked Lieberman’s late attempts to explain his war position over the weekend, but added, “I think it’s hard to believe what these people say in the eleventh hour.”

— Josh Benson At Lieberman’s Polling Place