Blackout Update

The number of Con Ed customers experiencing power outages is now up to 3,500. Here, according to Con Ed spokesman Alfonso Quiroz, is the latest breakdown:

Manhattan – 406 customers
Brooklyn – 272 customers
Queens – 963 customers
Staten Island – 6 customers
Westchester – 1431 customers
Bronx – 425 customers

Again, “customer” can mean family home or big building — it doesn’t refer to individual people affected.

Mayor Bloomberg has addressed the situation, so far, by making an appeal at a pre-scheduled press conference in the Office of Emergency Management headquarters for people to conserve energy.

And about those subway rumors , here’s what Quiroz said:

“The rumors are not based on fact. I plan on riding the subways home to Queens tonight.”

No word on when the power’s going to come back on.

–Jason Horowitz Blackout Update