Brooklyn Water Taxi Says: ‘Ahoy Hipster Photographers!’

The Williamsburg Love Boat

After countless excrutiating decades in which young men in tight black jeans and ironically un-ironic neck scarves were deprived of aquatic transport, the Water Taxi has finally headed to the Brooklyn waterfront.

Red Hook? Check. Williamsburg? Double check.

But, of course, it’s hard to force trends upon the trendy. Therefore NYWT is specifically imploring “hipsters” to enter Flickr photographs of the special yellow boat.

What’s at stake? $9,140 worth of prizes. And Brooklyn’s dignity.

Max Abelson

The press release:

Ahoy Hipster Photographers! Show us your pix!

Yes, the Water Taxi finally made it’s way to Williamsburg. Now all those Williamsburg (or Red Hook, or any other waterfront hood) photographers can win a year of free rides and more for taking the best picture of or on the Water Taxi or the Water Taxi Beach at the New York Water Taxi and Water Taxi Beach photo contest.

Enter pictures with people, without people, on the beach, on the boat, from the beach or from the boat. It’s free to enter (one only need be or become a flickr user), anyone can enter as many times as he or she would like. Prizes are valued at $9,140.00. Winning photos may also be used in New York Water Taxi and Water Taxi Beach promotional materials

Link not working? Try this: — Emily Farris Brooklyn Water Taxi Says: ‘Ahoy Hipster Photographers!’