Brooklyn’s Third Party Line

Using a third party line to get into the general election after losing a primary may be effective, but it does annoy party activists (as Joe Lieberman can tell you).

How would voters in Brooklyn’s 11th congressional district react? We may soon find out.

At the CBS debate this morning (airing in a few weeks), Yvette Clarke said she would run in the general election on another party’s line if she lost the four-way Democratic Primary.

A spokeswoman for Carl Andrews, who missed the debate, said they’re focusing on the primary, but left open the possibility.

Chris Owens, through his spokeswoman, said if offered another party’s line, he would consider it.

The only candidate to rule it out was David Yassky.

One line that could open up is the Working Families Party. They endorsed their own candidate in the race, but as the mayor’s race proved, WFP candidates have a knack for leaving the line at convenient times.

Azi Paybarah

Brooklyn’s Third Party Line