Clarke’s Diploma

Here is an item rescued from Ben Smith’s site, which wasn’t ready for the Drudging they got this morning and is temporarily inaccessible.

When Crains reported this morning that Yvette Clarke hadn’t graduated Oberlin, it also reported that she’d never claimed to — which is pretty crucial in stories like this.

As it turns out, however, she has made that claim. Her 2004 congressional campaign site, archived here, says:

“A graduate of public schools and Oberlin College – and a Public Policy Fellow at Stonybrook University – Yvette knows first-hand the strengths and weaknesses of our education system.”

A spokesman for Clarke, Stefan Friedman, sends over this quote in response:

“Yvette Clarke attended Oberlin College and completed her coursework – three classes – at Medger Evers College. Case closed.”

: Clarke is listed as an alumni in an Oberlin newsletter. The newsletter refers to a Times article that says:

“She wanted to become a pediatrician but switched gears to business and economic development at Oberlin College and did a Congressional internship in 1983.”
Clarke’s Diploma