Coney Island, R.I.P.


Call us curmudgeons, but we never really liked it anyway. Too damn hot and trash-strewn in the summer; and winters, with the stiff cold air off of the Atlantic and the desolation, made it feel like we were lost in the Kessel off the Volga waiting for Stalin’s minions to come and finish us off (there are Russians there, right? … so the comparison, no matter how tortuous, holds).

But it least it ain’t Atlantic Yards … right? Right?

Blooger Gowanus Lounge has the goods on Thor Equities barfalicious plan to destroy another little bit of New York culture.

Sayeth Gowanus:

A lot of words come to mind to describe all of this and, unfortunately, none of them are good. Instead of offering an exicting vision worthy of Coney Island’s storied past, this glimpse of the plans reveals a pedestrian, cookie-cutter kind of future that springs from an idea of what faux funky resorts are supposed to be. It offers offers little more than window dressing to disguise what is otherwise a shopping mall with some highrises. Steeplechase or Luna Park, it ain’t.

And remember: Thor Equities is the same firm that bought the old Sugar Factory in Red Hook adjacent to the Ikea site. At the rate they’re going, Vineger Hill’s next!

-Matthew Grace Coney Island, R.I.P.