Contrast Campaign #19

mark green.jpg

Andrew Cuomo wants kids to smoke! That was basically the message coming out of Mark Green’s “Comparison Countdown #19” press conference this morning in his campaign headquarters.

Green, standing in front of a “Kick Butts Day” cartoon drawn by Gary Trudeau in his mostly empty campaign headquarters, he accused Cuomo of facilitating underage smoking during his time as HUD secretary by directing tax dollars toward the construction of smoke shops on Indian reservations.

“I am of course pleased that President Clinton acknowledged my leadership on the issue of Kick butts Day,” Green said. “Allow me to contrast that. While I was in New York fighting tobacco sales to children, Andrew Cuomo was in Washington DC subsidizing tobacco sales on Indian Reservations.” He went on to point out that children often have access to these smoke shops.

Today’s event coincides with Green’s latest ad, which features a woman talking about Cuomo and the smoke shops and ending on the slogan, “Mark Green for Attorney General — Case Closed.”

Not clear how many kids are leaving the 7-11 parking lot for Poospatuck, or how much traction these daily-ish, pre-scheduled attacks on Cuomo are going to get. But, apparently, Green’s got 18 more of them.

–Jason Horowitz Contrast Campaign #19