Cuomo Ad: ‘That’s Everything’

Andrew Cuomo has a new 30-second ad going statewide. In this one, we see the kinder, gentler Cuomo.

You don’t start off in the trenches of Morgenthau’s legendary DAs office for the money.
You don’t take a job fixing America’s most troubled federal agency fighting bigots and predatory banks and gun dealers for a pat on the back even when it’s from the President who personally appointed you.

You do it for the satisfaction of doing what’s right getting justice for those who need it.

That’s it. But for some of us that’s everything.

It’s similar to his previous ads (HUD, Clinton, gun dealers) but this has softer music and little less Spitzer. Although, it does kind of feel like a Spitzer ad.

— Azi Paybarah Cuomo Ad: ‘That’s Everything’