Dashing In and Out of Manhattan For Blue and Brown Gift Bags

KRISTINA: I have my car in the city this week so I took this opportunity to drive to Paramus last night and do some shopping at the Christmas Tree Shops. The store is like Target but cheaper. I came across these adorable blue and brown gift bags and it just so happens that the colors of our wedding are light blue and brown. My mother has been obsessing about gift bags for our out-of-town guests, specifically the size. I eyeballed these and I decided to buy only six, one for each bridesmaid gift, since I thought they were too small by her standards. When I got home, I called my mom and she immediately asked me to measure the gift bags. It turns out they’re the perfect size, so she requested I go back out there and buy enough for the whole crew of out-of-town guests. Now, to leave Manhattan during the week by car, you have to seriously think through the trip beforehand – you need to account for traffic in and out of the city as well as for the likelihood of getting a reasonable parking spot upon your return. So it’s not just as easy as running out to the store. Still, for my mother’s sake, I got up early this morning, dashed out there again, picked up 62 (this was after calling my mother and hearing a desperate, “Get them all! Get all they have!” from her). I made it back to the city and to work in just over an hour.

Dashing In and Out of Manhattan  For Blue and Brown Gift Bags