Day One at the Gym and a Very Red Face

ERICA: “Are you OK???” asked Greg with a slightly alarmed look on his face.

“Yeah…why?” I responded

“You look like you’re going to pass out. I’ve never seen your face sooo red before.”

I just got back from the gym. My shirt is soaked to the point that it looks as if I swung by the river on the way home and went snorkeling for hyperdermic needles. And now apparently my face is so red, Greg is considering knocking on the door of our neighbor, the cat vet, to get some medical attention.

I’m so darn proud of myself, however, I don’t care about any of it. Yes, its just day one of being “back on program,” but I feel like I’m in the zone again. I’m off to go make an egg white omelet with a side of turkey bacon to celebrate.

Day One at the Gym and a Very Red Face