Diamondstone’s Riches, Connor’s Scraps

While we’re waiting for the verdict in the Connor v. Diamondstone case — and in the interests of making the most of this spirited Senate primary contest while we’re still sure that there are two candidates — here are some highlights from their campaign filings:

Ken Diamondstone has loaned his committee $233,550 and contributed $52,742.35 (reimbursements are not distinguished). Individual contributions total $76,575.35 and expenses were $102,691.23. Some of his expenditures include printing, postage office supplies and consulting fees for a number of different people.

Marty Connor’s filing shows the senator with an opening balance of negative $22,833.42 — an amount he disputes — with $39,000 contributed and $20,554.15 in expenses. He also lent his campaign $2,050 in January and February. Connor’s expenditures include car insurance and maintenance, contributions to Democratic clubs including the county committee and to the Working Families Party, office expenses in Brea, CA, and consulting from the Parkside Group.

And now back to our verdict vigil.

—Nicole Brydson

Diamondstone’s Riches, Connor’s Scraps