Ditching Suozzi, Joining Lieberman

We can probably draw two conclusions from the news that Dan Gerstein has just been named Joe Lieberman’s communications director:

1) Gerstein is being rewarded for his tireless advocacy on behalf of Lieberman throughout what was a very rough primary campaign.

2) Gerstein has concluded that serving as a consultant to Tom Suozzi’s campaign is no longer the most productive use of his time.

Here’s what he told us about his decision to join Lieberman full time — and to leave Suozzi:

“I feel bad about it. I really enjoyed working with him.”

And, he added, “I was very much looking forward to going back to help Tom after the primary, under the assumption he was going to win. The results turned out otherwise.”

The decision was made this morning. According to Gerstein, it was Lieberman who called Suozzi this afternoon to deliver the news.

Full announcement after the jump.

— Jason Horowitz

Senate Campaign
Names Longtime Aide as New Campaign Manager

Hartford, CT – Joe Lieberman announced today a shakeup in his campaign leadership, naming Sherry Brown as the new Campaign Manager and Dan Gerstein as his new Communications Director.

Brown has been serving as Lieberman’s State Director in his Connecticut Senate office and previously managed Lieberman’s three successful senate campaigns. Gerstein worked in Lieberman’s Washington Senate office for 10 years, five as Communications Director. Like Brown, Gerstein served as a senior advisor to both Lieberman’s national campaigns.

In addition, Lieberman announced a comprehensive reorganization of his entire campaign staff and said that he would begin looking for a new media consultant and pollster immediately.

“I do not blame my staff for my loss on Tuesday, I bear that responsibility,” said Lieberman. “But now that we are entering a new and very different phase of the campaign, I wanted to bring in a new team. And in Sherry and Dan, I am fortunate to have two people in leadership positions that not only know me well but know Connecticut.” Ditching Suozzi, Joining Lieberman