Eliot and Hillary in Pinstripes


What baseball analogies best describe the players in this political season (which seems to be ending prematurely)?

Jay Gallagher
of Gannett News Service solves the mystery!

“Eliot Spitzer is to New York politics what the New York Yankees are to major-league baseball: they’re both winning big, but they’re taking the fun out of their races.”

Hillary Clinton-The Yankees (same as Spitzer)

John Spencer-The Mets

“[T]he Mets are running away with their divisional race. But baseball’s National League and the New York’s Republican Party are clearly the weaker organizations this year, almost sure to meet an unwelcome fate this fall.”

Steve Minarik-Casey Stengel

“[A}s the Mets manager in 1962 when the Amazins won 40 games and lost 120.”

Jeanine Pirro-Frank Thomas

“Thomas was the Mets’ only respectable hitter in that dreadful year…”

Charlie King-Kansas City Royals
Sean Maloney-Tampa Bay Devil Rays

“The Royals and Rays are 35 and a half games and 24 and a half games, respectively, behind in their division races.”

No Derek Jeter?

Azi Paybarah

Eliot and Hillary in Pinstripes