Elsewhere: Clinton, Kerrey, Gore, Maloney


Hillary Clinton’s people were spotted making their way up 43rd Street, presumably to make their case to the New York Times editorial board. (Debates? What debates?)

The ever-compassionate Rudy Giuliani campaigns with George Allen, the guy who made some insensitive remarks earlier.

Bob Kerrey of the New School told Foreign Policy magazine the Iraq War is “not as likely to galvanize a large audience the way the Vietnam War did.”

Hotline ranks the dumbest, poorest and fattest states.

Joshua Marshall notes the congressman who funded the bridge to nowhere is worried about how much it’ll cost to have more transparency in congress.

Carl McCall is expected to endorse Yvette Clarke.

Brooklyn Assembly candidate Bill Batson discusses clara-bortions with a Brooklyn newspaper.

Al Gore isn’t doing the MoveOn.org event tomorrow.

And Sean Maloney shows off a high-arch fast ball from Monday’s S.I. Yankee game.

Azi Paybarah

Elsewhere: Clinton, Kerrey, Gore, Maloney