Elsewhere: Lieberman Down, Cuomo Up


Joe Lieberman’s website is “pretty much down — minus (ironically) a YouTube video…”

Andrew Cuomo pretty much up. Up in the polls and uptown in Harlem, where he got a group endorsement from politicians there, including Charlie Rangel.

Ned Lamont could be up a bit if he gets an endorsement tomorrow from the United Auto Workers. Greg Sargent says that “could give Lamont an organizational and political boost at a time when Lieberman is leading in polls…”

Rudy Giuliani, who is high in the polls, raised $2 million. He also campaigned upstate for Rep. John Sweeney, or as Liz Benjamin calls him, “Congressman Kick Ass.”

And going up at a press conference tomorrow are sexy vodka ads that were banned by MTA buses. They’re now going up on taxis.

Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: Lieberman Down, Cuomo Up