Elsewhere: Lieberman’s Snakes on the Brain

During a very friendly appearance on conservative commentator Glenn Beck’s radio show, Greg Sargent reports, Joe Lieberman agreed with just much of what Beck said, including that the real reason we invaded Iraq wasn’t over WMD but because we wanted to “pop the head of the snake in Iran.”

After receiving some attention from the editorial boards of The New York Times and New York Post, Jonathan Tasini finds out from The Huffington Post why he has seen practically no love from his fellow travelers in MoveOn.org. Executive Director Eli Pariser says that they follow the lead of their members and “we’ve heard almost nothing from MoveOn members on Tasini.”

On the Republican side of the Senate race, KT McFarland, on hiatus to deal with her daughter’s shoplifting, shows that she has not completely checked out. Her press secretary, Morgan Ortagus takes issue with John Spencer calling for a debate with Hillary while ignoring McFarland’s calls for a debate. We especially like the use of underlining.

“I think you well know that Mrs. McFarland is taking a few days off to deal with a family crisis, but that doesn’t make you the Republican candidate for Senate”

–Jason Horowitz

Elsewhere: Lieberman’s Snakes on the Brain