Elsewhere: Spitzer, Faso, Bloomberg

Before ruling that it’s okay for Eliot Spitzer to sit on a charitable trust which is regulated by his office, a member of the State Ethics Commission, Karl Sleight, got a little help on-line. And of course, Sleight covered his track by switching some pronouns. [hat tip: Spin Cycle]

“Here’s one I could use some help with folks:Assume the following facts.The head of a state regulatory agency with investigatory and prosecutorial powers serves on a non-for-profit entity/trust which her agency has jurisdiction over…Anyone want to take a shot at this? Thanks ! Best regards, Karl”

John Faso caught Eliot Spitzer’s attention after saying the case against Dick Grasso is “phony.”

Someone who should be endorsing John Faso, fellow Republican Michael Bloomberg, is staying out of state races.

And Ben has a look at ads from Andrew Cuomo and Mark Green.

Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: Spitzer, Faso, Bloomberg