[em]Now[/em] They’re Taking It Seriously

happy days Joe Lieberman’s campaign staff is staying resolutely upbeat about today’s Q-poll that has Ned Lamont leading by 54-41

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happy days

Joe Lieberman’s campaign staff is staying resolutely upbeat about today’s Q-poll that has Ned Lamont leading by 54-41 — to say nothing of the decision of SEIU Local 1199 to support Lamont.

Lieberman spokesperson Marion Steinfels actually went so far as to suggest that there’s a bright side to all of it. “Many of our supporters weren’t really aware of how serious the challenge was, and this makes them aware of how serious it is.”

She also dismissed the notion — okay, our notion — that the poll results reflected somewhat poorly on the impact of Bill Clinton’s recent visit to campaign with Lieberman:

“It had an impact we have seen it in the days before he came to down and ever since,” she said. “We have people walking into office and the phones are ringing off the hook and people are writing checks.”

Still, it is clear that the campaign is scrambling to make up some ground. Today, they’re focusing on Lamont’s connections to a blogger who depicted Lieberman in blackface on the Huffington Post.

You know, substantive stuff.

— Jason Horowitz

UPDATE Steinfels called in to take issue with the characterization of the blackface incident as anything less than substantive. “It’s a very important and substantive issue,” she said, contending that it directly reflects upon the character and trustworthiness of Lamont, who the Lieberman campaign accuses of having close ties with the blogger in question.

The full Lieberman campaign release is after the jump. Judge for yourself.

Lieberman Campaign Exposes Lamont Lie About
His Connection to Campaign Activist Jane Hamsher
Reiterates Demand for Lamont to Cut All Ties
to Creator of Disgusting Blackface Photo

HARTFORD – Lieberman campaign manager Sean Smith today released documentation showing that Ned Lamont lied about his connection to Lamont campaign activist Jane Hamsher, and demanded again that Lamont sever all ties to the creator of the doctored blackface photo of Joe Lieberman.

“It just doesn’t pass the laugh test for Ned Lamont to claim that Jane Hamsher — who moved to Connecticut to be part of his campaign, travels with his campaign daily, was IN his debate war room, AND raised $58,000 for him — is ‘just a supporter,’ ” Smith said.

“The fact is she is key force in his campaign, and it’s time for him to take responsibility for her disgusting tactics. Her behavior has no place in any kind of campaign, and Ned Lamont needs to cut off all connection to her.”


Ned Lamont claimed yesterday that Jane Hamsher — the creator of the doctored blackface photo of Joe Lieberman that was posted on the Huffington Post blog — is “just a supporter.”

That is a lie meant to duck responsibility for the actions of one of his campaign’s main mouthpieces and most prominent activists.

FACT: Hamsher has helped raise over $58,000 for Lamont.

FACT: Hamsher moved to CT specifically to advocate for Lamont.

“I know for myself that win or lose, making the choice to come here and be a part of this is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I know it’s something I’m going to remember for the rest of my life.

FACT: Hamsher travels with Lamont’s campaign on an almost daily basis. She brags on her blog about how she drove Lamont and his campaign manager to his appearance on the Colbert report earlier this week.

“Key segments of the Lamont campaign migrated to my car for most of the afternoon and evening. I wish it was my sparkling wit and superb political acumen that earned me a spot on the road trip with campaign manager Tom Swan and ad empresario Bill Hillsman as we went to Manhattan to see Ned appear on the Stephen Colbert show, but mostly it was a willingness to shut up and drive while they went about the business of managing campaign chaos in its final days.”

http://www.firedoglake.com/2006/08/01/the-politics-of-hope/ (emphasis added)

FACT: Hamsher was on the set of Lamont’s commercial shoot.

“We also shot Ned’s first video blog this morning on the set of his new Hillsman commercial”

FACT: Hamsher has been actively recruiting volunteers for the Lamont campaign.

“Also, I’m putting the call out for a volunteer to work with Tim Tagaris on the Lamont campaign.” Tim is swamped and really, really needs someone who is either from the area or has their own place to stay here who wants to work like a fool from now until August 8. Tim is great, he’s in charge of Internet Communications and beween maintaining the Lamont blog and coordinating the campaign’s online efforts he’s now doing the job of about five people.

Ned Lamont also claims he has no connection to the bloggers who are advocating for his campaign. When confronted with the news about Hamsher’s disgusting photo, he brushed past reporters saying, “I don’t know anything about the blogs.”

Again, that is another lie meant to duck responsibility for the vicious tactics of his “people-powered” campaign.

FACT: Kos was in his first television ad.

FACT: Lamont has a diary at Daily Kos – Lamont even has excerpts of his Kos diary on the official campaign blog.


FACT: Lamont said he is “with the netroots every step of the way.” In an interview to celebrate Blogosphere Day, he also said, “I will be there any way I can, because you guys were there for me at the beginning.”


FACT: The pro-Lamont blogs have raised more than $290,000 for his campaign.


FACT: Lamont admits he gets instantaneous feedback from his blog supporters.

“What I like about the internet and the netroots and the blogosphere, as you say, is it’s unfiltered. It gives politicians – or budding politicians like myself – an opportunity to hear directly from people who care about issues. I get an awful lot of instantaneous feedback, and some of it’s constructive and some of it is atmospheric. But I appreciate it. I think it is good for Democracy.

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