[em]Times[/em] Heat Policy: Dim, Sultry, Torpid, Please!

The New York Times is promoting voluntary and involuntary energy-saving measures during the heat wave. Key points: Computers ought to sleep; humans ought to take the stairs. The full memo follows:

Memo to : Staff

With the expected rising temperatures and humidity levels over the next few days, we are asking everyone to conserve energy. As a precaution, we have taken the following steps:

Operating engineers have raised thermostats in some areas. While still comfortable, you may notice a slight increase in temperature. Both West End Elevators have been turned off. Lighting has been reduced.

We ask that you turn your computers to sleep mode if not in use, turn off all unnecessary lighting and for those with window air conditioning units, please turn to its lowest setting or off, if not in use.

In moving between floors, use stairs rather than the elevator.

When you leave the office tonight, please turn off all lights and computers.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Building Operations

[em]Times[/em] Heat Policy: Dim, Sultry, Torpid, Please!