Goodbye ‘Goldstein’ Old Pal!

ERICA: The arrival of our invitations will mark a significant event in our wedding planning process: the full embrace of my new last initial.

Hello “R”…goodbye “G”!

There is a big, lovely pink “R” splashed all over our invites…our custom stamps…even our reply cards. I’m insanely surprised by my lingering twinge of sadness over ditching my last name: Goldstein for my new last name: Reitman.

I’ve always sort of felt that “Goldstein” was the equivalent of “Jones” or “Smith” for Jewish people. It seems to be just about the most common last name out there among my fellow tribesmen, and as a girl who likes to stand out in the crowd, it never struck me as terribly compelling. But now that we’re about to part ways, I’m feeling a little melancholy about it. The crazy thing is, we’re not even entirely parting ways as I’m changing my
middle name from Beth to Goldstein (not hyphenating…just sticking it in there for nostalgia purposes), so Goldstein is not getting kicked all the way to the curb. And, yet I still feel a bit like I’m breaking up with a boyfriend.

On the plus side, Reitman is a bit more pleasing to the ear than Goldstein…and, coincidentally, my new initials spell out “ER” which is exactly what my family calls me (“Erica” shortened over many years). One more interesting name tidbit: Greg’s current initials (GR) plus my current initials (EG) spells GREG. In answer to your next inevitable question: Yes, I actually sit around thinking this stuff up. And don’t pretend like you didn’t scribble all different last name combinations yourself in High School when you were dating boy X or dreaming about dude Y. You did, didn’t you! Goodbye ‘Goldstein’ Old Pal!